How to fit a Droplet swim nappy

Introducing, the Droplets! These are our new reusable swim nappies and we're really proud of them! They unsnap on both sides for easy removal, quick-drying fabrics and nice soft leg elastics. Droplets come with their own matching mini wetbag for storage. They're pretty fabulous if we do say so ourselves.


Transcription: How to fit a Droplet swim nappy

Hi, I'm Jennifer from Bubblebubs. And I'm here today with a wriggly little Archer. And I'm going to show you our new droplet swim nappies. Just got these a few months ago. We're really, excited. We've been working hard on these and we're proud with what we came up with. They've got a lovely soft mesh inner here to catch any "accidents" that should happen. And pee well on the outside. All very, very quick drying. We've got the nice soft elastics on the edges. And there's side snapping on both sides so that should the worse happen you can get it off without smearing the poop all down the leg. So let's show them, shall we?

So they're easy to put on. Put his butt in there and they've got side snaps on both sides. You do them up there. Lovely and easy. Quick change at the pool to get them on and off. Just run around, check your all nicely in the groin there. And then all ready for our swim. 

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