How to get a good fit with Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappies.

Getting a good fit with the Bubblebubs Candies is easy to do. Especially when Vicki shows you.


Transcription: How to get a good fit with Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappies.

Hi. I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and I'm back with baby Brock today who is about eight kilos and nine months old now. We say that this is about the limit of where a Bambam will fit, so this will fit on Brock, but I would expect him to be out wetting this by now.


What we're going to do is we're going to pop it on, so done a couple of videos already, and I've learned to be prepared. Have your nappy inside the cover, ready to rock and roll, and what we'll do is at eight kilos we're getting still ... Hey. What's this?


What's that? Oh, that's something to play with. We're still getting a bit of an overlap here. It honestly depends on the size and shape of bub, but as you can see we're definitely going to fit a Bambam at eight kilos. What we'll need to do is the capacity just isn't there, 'cause this is the same nappy that we're putting on 1.2 kilo prim, so grabbing anything you've got, whether that be a pre-fold, or this is a candy booster, face wash or anything, just depends how much you need to add to it.


This is a small cover, and as you can see in the small cover, we've still got heaps of room. I probably should've grabbed a newborn cover so you can see how that would still fit, but I would expect it to be kind of really starting to get to the end. [crosstalk 00:01:39] of its sizing. We're there, but as you can see, we can still quickly get a Bambam on a nine-month-old, whether it's actually the perfect nappy for a nine-month-old.


There's probably easier nappies to pop on, but certainly, you'll still get them up to eight kilos. Oh, it's been a fun morning. Okay, you gonna say, "Bye?" Say, "Thank you."

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