How to put a Bambam fitted cloth nappy on a one-month-old

Brock is back and he's one month old and 4.5kg! Now he's a little bigger, Vicki shows us how a Bambam fitted cloth nappy looks on him. Caution! Cute baby video ahead!

Transcription: How to put a Bambam fitted cloth nappy on a one-month-old

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and today I'm welcoming back Baby Brock. He's about a month old now, and around about four and a half kilos.


So, I thought I'd get him back so I can show you how the Bambams fit on him. As you do know, quite a few babies come out circa four and a half kilos. So our Bambam is a fitted nappy. So we've got the booster that we fold into three. And we're just going to lift him up. So, we're just going to pop the nappy, kind of around his back there, enough to make sure that we're going to contain any explosions.


So as we pull up, you can see that we don't have anywhere near as much fabric now. He's grown in his torso. So, that sits quite nicely. But there is still heaps of room in the Bambam to fold it down at the front. So at four and a half kilos, you should still be folding it down at the front. So, bring the wings around. Make sure, give a gentle little tug on that elastic. And dig the snappy in, like that. So, I'm going to pop the cover over the top so you can see how that's fitting now.


So, bring it up. So we've got the double leg gusset which covers the Bambam nicely. So bring it up. And do this side first. Nice, a lot of stretch in there. And still easily crossing over at the front. Thus, a lot of that bulk from when he was circa three kilos, has undoubtedly gone now that he's put that little bit of weight on. But there's still, as you can see, heaps of room in that cover.


So, I'll show you... A candy cover over the top. So you can use anything like a cover. It doesn't have to be a specific cover. This is our Candy one sized shell. So if we put that on... And all we need to do is make sure that the nappy is contained within the elastic. So make sure, poke the nappy in. And... You're awake today, so I don't have to worry about waking you up. So, bring the wings over, and pop your hands underneath. And he's actually on about the second step now. And as you can see... Just make sure that the nappy is all poked in. And there you go, you've got your one size over the top. That'll naturally just... Over the time he's got the nappy on, that'll naturally fold over. So, that's another way to pop a cover on a baby.

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