How to put a Bambam fitted cloth nappy on an 6-month-old

Brock is now 11 weeks old and 5kg, here is how the Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight fit.

Transcription: How to put a Bambam fitted cloth nappy on an 6-month-old

Hey. Hi, it's Vicky from Bubblebubs back again with baby Brook. And he's six months old now and very smiley, around about the seven-kilo mark, so. Also, a lot more move-y. Is that even a word? A lot more move-y? So, what we're gonna do is we're going to see how the BamBam's are fitting. 

So we say the BamBams fit up to about eight kilos. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm expecting to get still a perfect fit out of them. So, I have one hiding here. BamBam's, in case you haven't watched any of our other videos, come in two pieces. 

So you get the outer piece and the inner tri-fold. So we just fold this into three and drop the Snappi. Are we gonna drop the Snappi? I think I might have to pick that up. Okay, so, what we're doing is we're still popping it, can I see your bellybutton? Just around, you know, kind of this area here. Oh, there we go, you going to do a wee? Thanks, buddy. 

What we do is we bring the tri-fold up, and bring the BamBam up, and we should be able to get a perfect wrap around the legs still there and around the sides. We will do that up with the Snappi. And the secret with the Snappi is stretching really tight from hip to hip like that. So, this is our newborn cover, so I'm expecting the newborn cover to fit still. 

Now, at six months, it's entirely possible that he may have started to out wet the BamBams. So, what we can do is, this is just a Candie booster, but you can just grab any boosting, add it on the outside of the nappy, and, yeah, you gonna take that? And do your cover up like this. And, as you can see, the newborn cover is still easily fitting on the seven-kilo mark, so we expect the nappies to last up to eight kilos, if not longer, so we expect the covers to continue just as long. So, that's a BamBam on baby Brook.

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