How to put a Bamboo Delight cloth nappy a one-year-old

Brock is back! Here Vicki shows us how to use a Bamboo Delight as a either a day or a night nappy on Brock who is now a squirmy 8.5kg one-year-old. He's a bit of a wriggler but Vicki shows us her veteran, mum-of-three skills and gets the nappy on. And, I promise you. You must watch right to the end. It's worth it.


Transcription: How to put a Bamboo Delight cloth nappy a one-year-old

Hi everyone. 

                    I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and I'm back with baby Brock, one now, and he's still only a little tyke. He's about eight and a half kilos now. So what we will do is, today, we will see how the Bamboo Delights fit on him, if he lets us. 

                    You will let us, aren't you? Okay. So, I've got the Bamboo Delight all prepped, ready to go. What we will do is we will pop it on. Let's see how fast we can get a nappy on. Ready? 

                    I know. Okay? With the fitted nappy, we pull the Tri-fold up like that, and pretty much, it's just a case of snap as fast as we can. 

                    Now, if this was just being used for the day, we'd be able to fit a medium cover over this, so I'm just going to show you how the medium cover fits. You may even ... because he's so little, you'll probably even get away with the small, but you can see that our medium cover has still got heaps of room in it. 

                    Just like that. Thank you for that. I would do the front bits up a little tighter if he let me, but if we wanted to use a Delight for night time ... can I show them how to do that? 

Brock: No no no. 

Vicki: No? Oh yes. 

                    Yeah, go on. Okay. So you will lie down. 

                    So all you'd do is be able to use the same nappy, and just grab booster, Tri-fold; anything you're boosting the nappy with, and pop it at the front, I found works easier, and pop your cover back on. 

                    And there we go. All done. And there's your night nappy. Just make sure everything is all tucked in. All happy. Is that good? You want to go? Say, "Bye." Yeah. 

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