How to put a Bamboo Delight cloth nappy on a newborn

Vicki shows us how to fit a Bamboo Delight on newborn baby Brock. Bamboo Delights are beautifully soft and luxurious; the lush bamboo velour is perfect for the delicate skin of babies. They are are a proper one size fits most (OSFM) modern cloth nappy that fit from birth (depending on your baby’s birth weight) to toilet training.

Transcription: How to put a Bamboo Delight cloth nappy on a newborn

Hi, I’m Vicky from Bubblebubs and today I’m with Brock who’s only six days young, and he’s about 3.2 kilos, and I’m going to show you how to put a Bamboo Delight on a newborn baby. So Bamboo Delights, they’re super soft. They’re made from bamboo velour, and they come with a snap-in tri-fold, like that, which folds into three. 

So these are an excellent night cloth nappy. They’re one-size nappies so they’ll fit, we say, from birth to toilet training but depends on the size and shape of your baby how well they fit from birth. So to pop it on, I’m just going to pop it under him. Okay and being a side snap means that it simply does up on the side like this and the snaps can be done at different intervals, doesn’t have to be the same snap on the waist and the legs. 

Okay, so as you can see, we’ve got a good leg fit on that. The nappy itself is quite bulky which is indicative of a one-size cloth nappy. Just be aware of that if you are looking at one-size from birth that your nappies going to be quite significant, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s quite cute. This is a newborn-size cover. Our covers are generously sized so we can get them over our one-size nappies and flats and things like that. You can see there’s still heaps of room in this cover and make sure that the nappy is entirely contained within the cover. And there you go. That’s your one-size cloth nappy on a newborn.

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