How to put a Candie modern cloth nappy a one-year-old

Brock is back! This week Vicki shows us how to get a Candie modern cloth nappy on Brock who is now a whole year old and weights 8.5kg. He hasn't changed snaps for 6 months, which is very normal. Candies are amazing at growing and changing around a baby's shape without the confusion of rise snaps. Now, I promise you. You must watch right to the end. It's worth it.


Transcription: How to put a Candie modern cloth nappy a one-year-old

               Hi, everyone. I'm back here with baby Brock who is not such a baby anymore. He's turned one, and he's still only a skinny minny. He's about eight and a half kilos. So what we will do here is we will attempt to put the candy on him, at one-year-old, and see how it's fitting. His mom tells me that he's still on very similar snaps to what he was around six-month-old, so let's see how we go with this. 

                    Now, with older kids the nappy is fully prepped. I've got it boosted at the front, if you want to know how to do that, I do have other videos on how to do that, but this will be hands down one of the quickest nappy changes I've done. 

                    We'll prop the nappy there. Can I put your nappy on? Here we go. Ready. And okay. Not going to bump your head. Again, bring the tri-fold up, and I've got the booster already in there, and hey, do you want to romp this way? And, I don't know I always seem to do the right side first. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so he is on about the third or fourth snap, so a third on that side, and about a fourth on this side. Just fingers underneath, and there we go, and just make sure that the wings are on top, and we top it like that, and you will roll over and show us what it looks like, aren't ya? 

                    And see, we still got a fantastic feet on him. You can see here without the ... Goodness. Without the rise, snaps there, you can see that the nappy is just growing with him, so if you ... By this stage, if you had another Bubby, you could use the same nappy on exactly the same baby. Oh, not exactly the same baby.

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