How to put a Candie modern cloth nappy on a one-month-old

Brock is back and he's one month old and 4.5kg now! Now he's a little bigger, Vicki shows us how a Candie all-in-two fits. And also how we can get an extra nappy using the booster Candies already come with. Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade.

Transcription: How to put a Candie modern cloth nappy on a one-month-old

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs. Today I'm back with baby Brock, and He's grown up a little bit now. And he's about a month old, and roughly four and a half kilos. So it's about now that a one size nappy starts to fit a lot better on newborns. I want to show you how its fitting now. So the Candies come with a trifold. He's still only going to need the snap-in trifold. That's more than enough absorbency. His wees are tiny at the moment, and that's enough to last him up until around about the nine to the twelve-month mark. So the Candies do come with the extra booster. Which we won't use at this stage, but at the end of this video, I'll show you how we can make use of our boosters, and get a second nappy out of them.


What we're going to do is pop it on. So, again we've still got ... Sorry, We're putting the nappy just above his hips, and we've still got a lot of fabric here. So what we're going to do is fold it down like that. And we're going to bring the wings over, and I slip my hand in underneath. And he's about on the second snap now. And make sure that the elastics are up in his groyne there. And we'll do the same on the other side. And like that. So you can see its still bulky on him at four and a half kilos, but it's quite an excellent fit. And as he grows, he's going to grow into that. So he's going to grow into that. What we can do is because he is only wetting such a little amount, as you can see, he's just wet for me there. And it's such a tiny, tiny amount. You've got your booster, so what you can do is if you've got two of these is equivalent to one trifold because there are three layers in this and there are two layers in this.


So two of these equals one of those. So you can use one or two boosters and pop it in the nappy and just pretty much put it exactly where he's going to be weeing, is right there. So this is an excellent idea if you need a nappy to last a really short amount of time, like between bath and bedtime, when you are starting to pop night nappies on and stuff like that. So again ... I know. So as you can see that is a much trimmer nappy there. Because there's a lot less absorbency in there, but you can put one or two boosters in there. And then you've got an extra nappy.

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