How to put a Pebbles modern cloth nappy on a one-month-old

Brock is back and he's one month old and 4.5kg now! Vicki shows us how our all-in-one newborn modern cloth nappy fits him. Our Pebbles are super convenient, trim and absolutely adorable.

Transcription: How to put a Pebbles modern cloth nappy on a one-month-old

 Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs. Today, I'm back with baby Brock, who is starting to grow up. He's about a month old now, and about four and a half kilos. So what I wanted to show you is the Pebbles, and how they're going to fit on him now. So... The Pebbles as you know, are an all in one. So, we fold the booster into three. Now, most importantly, is that we give the nappy a gentle pull, so the legs roll in, like this. Okay, going to bring it up. And as you can see, we're still... I'm not even stretching that elastic. And if we have a look at his bellybutton, we can still get it to fit up to there quite comfortably. So I'm just going to wrap the wings around. And there's still quite a bit of giving around the back elastic as well. And there we go. So, not meeting in the centre anymore. As you can see, we've got a good fit around the leg, and it's still a beautiful, super trim, little nappy.


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