How to put a prefold on a newborn

Vicki shows us how to put a prefold on a newborn. For this video, she used our luxuriously soft and stretchy bamboo prefolds. Prefolds are a significant middle ground between more modern cloth nappies (like Candies) and more traditional cloth nappies (like flats).

Transcription: How to put a prefold on a newborn

Hi, I’m Vickie from Bubblebubs, and today I’m with baby Brock. He’s six days young and about 3.2 kilos. And what I want to show you today is how to pop a pre-fold on a newborn. 

So our Bambam pre-folds are nice and stretchy and super absorbent too. So what I’m going to do is just the angel-wing fold which folds the pre-fold into three and then opens it up at the back. So I usually find it’s easier if you pop it in the cover first, so position your pre-fold in the cover. 

Then we’re going to open it, and we’re going to position the cover around about his waistline there, okay. And you can see with these pre-folds, we’ve got lots of fabric here so we can fold that down and like that. And these little bits that you pulled out is they make nice little wings that we can wrap around like that. 

So if you wanted to, you could use the cover to secure it, or you can use a snappy. And the advantage of having all of this extra fabric at the front is that’s where he’s going to do most of his weeing is pretty much there, so you’re going to be able to get that little bit longer out of the nappy, so. 

Pop the cover on, like that, and make sure that the nappy is fully contained, because the covers have all got gusset, so it’s nice and soft around his legs and also lovely and soft around his stump, too. There’s nothing there that’s going to run on that.

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