How to put on a boosted BamBam and cover on a newborn

In this video, Vicki shows us how to put a Bambam on little Brock, a 6-day-old newborn. Bambams are part of a two-step modern cloth nappy system; a fitted cloth nappy and cover. A two-step system is brilliant because it is bomb-proof, anything that escapes the fitted nappy gets caught in the double-gusseted cover. This also allows for flexibility in regards to absorption. As demonstrated in the video you can quickly boost the Bambam as your child starts to wet more.

Transcription: How to put on a boosted BamBam and cover on a newborn

Hi, I’m Vicki from BubbleBubs, and today I want to show you how to put a Bambam on a newborn. So this is Brock, he is a whole six days old today, or six days young, and he weighs around about 3.2 kilos, so pretty average size newborn. 

So what we’ve got is the Bambam, so that comes in two pieces, which is your outer part and a tri-fold, which you can fold into three, and sits in the nappy like that. So what we do is we grab bub, and we position the back of the nappy around about his hips, like this. Okay, so it looks huge, we’ve got all of this fabric here. 

So what we do is bring the booster up, and then grab the nappy, now make sure that we’re pulling the elastic nice and firm and then just fold the cloth nappy down at the front, which is really good for a boy in particular ’cause he’s going to do all of his wetting at the front. And so I hold it with two fingers, grab your snappy and hip to hip nice and firm and pull it down nice and tight like that. Now if you happen to get a massive wetting bub you can, where’d I put it? The beauty of a fitted is you can grab a booster, or you can even get like a little face-washer, anything with extra absorbency, and you can boost on the outside of the cloth nappy, and you’re not going to compromise that leg fit, so you can see where you’re going to get some excellent containment. 

So just a booster can fold in half and pop it on the outside of the nappy. And then we pop the cover on, like this. Yeah, I know. And just making sure that the entire nappy is contained within the cover. So out, the cover’s here, the Velcro is here, but there’s this lovely soft fabric, and that is so anything that is touching his stump is going to be nice and soft. 

So if you sit him up and burp him the cover is going to fold over the Velcro, and it’s not going to hurt him. So the covers are nice and roomy, so if you’re struggling to get a perfect fit with the cover, as you can see there’s a lot of stretch there, you can actually pull it down from the top, so we make sure that all of our nappies contained within the cover, and yeah, that’s how to pop a Bambam on your newborn. And as I said, if you’re looking to boost we can grab like a little face-washer, pop it on the outside, I know, I know, and pop the nappy, pop the cover back on, done.

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