Night cloth nappies and how to use them.

Night nappies are not something you can choose when your baby is first born. It is something you learn by experience and when your baby needs a night nappy, you will understand what to look for. Here Jenna shares some of her hands on experience and research using night cloth nappies.


Transcription: Night cloth nappies and how to use them.

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs and I want to show you an example of a night nappy. I've been working on a lot of resources for night nappy's and I'll link all of them in the blog post. So if you're a visual learner, if you prefer to read about things, if you prefer podcasts, we've got all your different options. 

And I want to just give you a nice visual example of a night nappy I use. 

Put away, thank you. A nice visual of a night nappy I use on Ryan. So these are our bamboo delights, they're very, very soft. They're gorgeous, we always pack them in here. And they're lovely and absorbent and they're easy to use for night nappy's so. If you're after ease of use the fitted nappy's a great option. 

The great things is you get this nice seal around the leg but you can boost as much as you want between the nappy and the cover. So you still get that seal because we're still dealing with poo explosions every morning. But you still have all that absorbency without compromising that leg seal. 

This is one of our muslin flats we sell, and they're fantastic because they're trim but they're absorbent. So what I love, is I fold them up into a little pad like that and then put them in here and pull this up and over nice and tight. And then pull these over. Yes, darling? And he dies. And dig a hurt. And then you check everything's in there. Everything's in, you give them a big cuddle and check the back. Check that everything's in there. 

And that'll get him through 12, 13 hours. He's about 12 kilos and 21 months so that's a good- 

That's a good example of a night nappy for a toddler   

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