Night nappy: prefold cloth nappy with boosters

Today we show you how to turn your Cotton Prefold into a night nappy. Simply get some boosting, whatever you have around will work, here Jenna has used Candie boosters and added them between the prefold cloth nappy and the cover. And bam! You have a night nappy! She's also used a microfleece liner in this video and a Snappi to do up the prefold. If you want to learn more about customising your angel wing fold you can see another video with Archer here.


Transcription: Night nappy: prefold cloth nappy with boosters

Hi. I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs. And today I want to show you another example of a night nappy. So we've been talking a lot lately about how you can customise your night nappies and they're basic. What you need is a nappy to around bum. Whether it's a fitted nappy, a pre-fold flat. And then some boosting. So today we've got pre-fold, and we've got candy boosters. Archer is being nice-ish little boy, and he's sleeping still in spits and spurts, but he stopped pooping through the night, so that's always exciting. So he wears this night nappy for about 12 hours. And he is just shy of five months and just shy of eight kilos. So we've got a pre-fold here. And you can do this however you want. You can put this on the inside here, like this. He's a boy, so I've got extra boosting at the front. And you can fold this around like this. You can do that. Or depending what fits bub better, you can put the boosting on the outside which is what I will show you now.

So first we're going to do an angel wing fold. Which fold it into three and just fan it out like that. We will put a liner in. These are our micro fleece liners. These are reusable and they're a stay dry later, which is nice through the night to keep bub feeling nice and dry. So I'll just get a baby boy now. Hello, please don't pee on me. Please don't pee on me. You can if you want, that's okay. Yeah. Lay him down. Yep! And then, we're just going to lift this up, lift this up. If you could not scoot down the table that would be super helpful. Not scoot down the table, I said. Ah, dear boy. Okay. And he's just growing out of this pre-fold so they're a bit tight on him. Whoops. I'm just going to get the snappy, 'cause we're cross there, like this. And then we'll get our cover out. And the great thing about boosting between the pre-fold and the cover is you can keep your legs sealed around the pre-fold. So you've still got that extra poop guard there. That nice gusset that that created.

Yeah, yeah! Stop doing that. So then you put the extra boosting at the front there. And it's okay if the nappy is quite bulky. They're not running around in it. And ... Yeah! Yeah, you're getting a bit Yeah! Do you want to do some exercise? Yeah. You can scooting down the table. Here we go. So we get our cover on. We'll just check that's everything in on all sides. Lift him up and check his bottom to see if we've got bits hanging out there. So just scoot that up there. Tuck in what you need to tuck in. Might need to pull that through a bit more. There we go! Oh, there we go. We're all good. It's a bit easier when there isn't a singlet on. There we go. And that is a night nappy!

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