Our most popular modern cloth nappies

Meet our three best-selling cloth nappies: Pebbles, Bambams and Candies. Vicki shows us the pros and cons of each type to help you decide what's best for your family.

Transcription: Our most popular modern cloth nappies

Hi. I’m Vicky from Bubblebubs. Today I wanted to show you three of the most popular nappies that we have in our range. When it comes to deciding what type of nappy that you’re going to use on your baby, it’s entirely up to you. You can go for the most convenient option, or you can go for the one that’s got a little bit more work, but it’s a bit less expensive.

– What I’ll do today is I’ll go through and show you the different types so you can decide what’s right for you and your family. With newborn nappies, you can do one of two things. You can either invest in a new system, or you can invest in a one-size system.

– The advantage of a one-size system is you’re using the same nappy from birth through until toddlerhood. The disadvantage of a one-size system is they’re a little bit bulky on newborns and sometimes you don’t tend to get a perfect fit until around the four and a half to five-kilo mark. The advantage of a newborn system is, of course, you’re going to get a great fit every single time. Also, something to consider too is if you’re using newborn nappies from birth, and then moving on to a one-size system, in those first six weeks you’re going to change around about 500 nappies. If you think of your one-size nappies starting from say four months or something like that, they’re going to have a lot fewer miles on them by the time you get to toilet training.

– That’s certainly something to consider if you want to use these nappies for multiple children, they’ll be in better condition when that time comes. What I’ll do is I’ll start with newborn nappies. I’ll show you the two most popular styles that we have.

– First off, this is an all-in-one nappy. This is our little Pebbles. An all-in-one nappy is simply that it is everything all in, all sewn into one piece. We have created a tongue on the nappy rather than sewing it into the body. Reason for that is drying time. If we were to sew all of that in, it would take a lot longer to dry. By having it fold out, we’ve alleviated that problem. We fold it into three. Pop it in the nappy, and pop it on bub. Like that, with Velcro. This is the closest nappy you can get to a single use nappy. If you’ve got grandma coming over to look after bub and you don’t want to have to worry about getting her to snap nappies together or all that sort of stuff this is the nappy that we’d suggest.

– This is what we call our carer-friendly nappy. Or great for the nappy bag as well. All those middle of the night, rapid changes. So that’s your all-in-one. The second newborn nappy that we have here is this is our Bambam. It’s a fitted nappy, so if you think of your old Terry Flats or your old style nappies, they use to need a cover to go over them because they get completely wet. It’s the same with our Bambams as well. They’re made from a similar fabric to Flats. The difference is there, so they fitted to the shape of the bub.

– How this one goes on is we pull it up over the baby and can’t really see in the cover, sorry, and then we do it up with a snappy. And I have got some video showing where you can pop the nappy on without the snappy if you don’t like them. And then it needs the waterproof cover to go over the top I know you’re thinking why would you go for a fitted and cover over that. The reason being is with a fitted nappy or any two-part system if anything happens to escape the nappy, it gets caught in the cover. You’ve got a much more bulletproof system there.

– Also, the other thing too with a fitted nappy is if bub starts to, if you haven’t had a heavy-weight or you’re lucky enough to get a baby that sleeps a little bit longer at night, you can add boosting to the outside of the nappy. By boosting, it can be anything from a face washer to a proper booster, you can add that to the outside of the nappy and pop the cover on. So there. That’s the two newborn nappies that we’ve got. The other option is a one-size nappy.

– As I mentioned earlier, a one-size nappy is, or can be bulky on a bub. If you happen to have four and a half kilo bub which is about nine pound, you may well find that a one-size nappy will fit well from birth. If you happen to have a six or seven pound baby, you may just find that the fit isn’t as great. How our all-in-twos work is or, sorry, how our one-size work. They’re in all-in-two, so that just means your nappy and your booster set are in two pieces. This comes out of the wash pretty much dry and you can put your booster set through the dryer.

– That’s the big advantage of an all-in-two. The tri-fold just snaps into the shell like that. Which means that after use if the shell isn’t dirty, you can actually just grab another booster set and snap it in. To pop on a newborn, what we do is we just have to fold it down a little bit.

– Our Candies have actually got a hip snap and what that means is if you’ve got a bub with chunky legs and a skinny waist or vice versa, you can get a customised fit around the legs and around the waist, which is super important because that’s what’s going to be protecting you from anything that bub is gonna throw at this nappy. Without the right snaps, the nappy just naturally falls with bub. It’s all about keeping it simple. We try to not add anything that just complicates cloth nappying.

– With the Candy you also get an additional booster like this. Just the tri-fold alone is more than enough for most kids up until the twelve month or until they start doing those nice big toddler waste. This is a three-layer booster that you can add to the nappy. I generally suggest folding it in half, pop it at the front if you’ve got a little boy or in the middle if you’ve got a little girl. Just That’s our three nappies there. I hope that’s actually helped you to decide what type of nappy system you’d like to use for your family. There are some other options as well. You’re always welcome to shoot me an email.

– There’s more information on this page for you to have a look at if you need some help deciding which way to go. Thank you.

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