Pebbles and an all-in-one modern cloth nappy

Vicki takes us on a quick walk through of a newborn Pebbles. Pebbles and an all-in-one modern cloth nappy for babies around 2.2kg - 5.5kg and are ideal for the first few weeks of sleep deprived nappy changes! With a snake booster sewn in for quick drying, the nappy comes complete with no inserts to snap in - just wash and you are ready to go! The closest alternative you will find for single use nappies. Vicki demonstrates how easy Pebbles are to use and shares the important tip of stretching out the nappy, then rolling the leg elastics in to have a comfortable leak-free fit on baby.


Transcription: Pebbles and an all-in-one modern cloth nappy

- Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs and I wanted to give you quick demo of our Pebbles. So, our Pebbles are a newborn all-in-one nappy, I'll explain what they is in a minute. They're gonna fit from around about the 2.2 up to about the 5 1/2 kilos. So, get you through those first couple of weeks where you've got the bleary-eyed middle of the night changes, where you're completely sleep deprived. The advantage of an all-in-one is that everything is in one piece. Ours has actually got a snake booster. So this folds out for nice, quick easy drying. And all we do is we fold it back into the nappy, like that. The most important thing is to, actually, give the nappy a bit of a stretch and it allows the elastic to roll in, which is going to contain well. Pop baby in and we actually just do it up, like this. And closest that we can get to a single-use nappy with it being washed. That's our Pebbles.

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