Pebbles: our newborn all-in-one modern cloth nappy

Vicki gives us an overview of our new all-in-one newborn cloth nappy, the Pebbles. She explains how to use them and shows us all their outstanding features.

Transcription: Pebbles: our newborn all-in-one modern cloth nappy

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and today I'd like to show you our newborn nappy, a new all-in-one nappy called a Pebbles. 

So an all-in-one nappy is just as it sounds. It's all in one piece. So the advantage of an all-in-one nappy is it's super easy and quick to put on. It's as close to a single-use nappy as you're going to get. 

If you've got a partner or someone who's not entirely on board for using cloth nappies on your bub, you'll find that an all-in-one will generally get them over the line. So our Pebbles, they're lined with minky. This is just so super soft. I'm not sure if you can feel it, but I sit in the warehouse, and I pat them all the time because they're just so soft. And it has a booster here, so this booster has got two layers of bamboo and a layer of minky. 

Now the minky is stay-dry, so that will help to keep Bub dry. If you prefer the more natural fibres against Bub's skin, you can fold these trifold with the bamboo like that. Now the reason that it has a long booster rather than all of the boosting sewn into the nappy is by letting it come apart like this; it is going to dry that little bit faster, which is a significant disadvantage with an all-in-one because you can't pull it all alone. 

So we've done our best to get that as fast drying as we can, so there is also a layer of bamboo in the shell as well, and that's in case anything happens to roll off or Bub fills the nappy. By having that layer of bamboo in the shell as well, it's going to get that little bit of extra protection. 

And how to use them? So we fold out trifold. You can wrap it into two, three, however you like, and it just sits inside the nappy. So the way we've designed it is so these legs roll, and what that will actually do is, as liquid touches the edge of the nappy, because this is not an absorbent fabric, this is water phobic, it will actually push it back into the nappy, so when it comes out of the wash, what we do is we give it a really good stretch, I'm not sure if you can see there, so the legs actually roll in. And then make sure that the booster is contained within those legs to make sure that we don't get any leaks, and we pop it on Bub. 

We do have crossover tabs here, so if you've got a super teeny tiny baby, that's kind of down around the 1-kilo mark, and they'll fit, realistically you're probably going to get about eight weeks. If you have a smaller Bub, you're going to get a little bit longer. But you can see, go out there. If you have a look at that demo video, I think she was like 4.5 kilos, and there was still heaps of room in the nappy. 

When you're actually popping them on Bub, just make sure that you do give them a good stretch and you make sure that you've got an excellent seal around the legs, and don't be afraid, the elastic's really soft, so don't be scared to give it a good tug and make sure that you have got it on correctly. And what you've probably seen me every time that I undo those Velcro bits is, these little pieces of Velcro here are your wash tabs, so you want to pop them down before you put it into the wash so that you don't end up with nappy dolls I guess. 

So that's our Pebbles, and there you go. Thank you.

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