Prefold cloth nappies: Jelly roll fold

Today we're talking Cotton Prefolds, specifically the jelly roll fold. The jelly roll isn't the most popular fold (that's reserved for the angel wing fold) but it is really useful for containing newborn poos. It moves a lot of the absorbency to the edge of the nappy so if you're having absorbency issues you can use a booster. But if bub is doing small wees and LOTS of poo then this fold will be your best friend.

Transcription: Prefold cloth nappies: Jelly roll fold

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubble Bubs and today we're talking about our, about pre-folds. This is our cotton pre-folds and I've got Archer here, yes, with his flap, that's not going to be a nappy, it's just a toy. Yeah. 

He is helping me today, a sort of ... oh, thank you ... with some nappy changes. How good is our sound? Yeah.

And we will talk about the jelly roll fold. The jelly roll fold is really good for explosive new born poo, because you create a little barrier, so like you're doing here, just roll it in, roll it into the middle like that, unless he tries to unroll it with his foot. Please don't make it harder. Please don't make it harder. Yeah. Yeah. And then you bring it up and you've created a really nice barrier there, then, these are a little tight on him, so I just need to flare it out in the front, just a smidge like that. But I've create that really nice barrier there, to catch all the explosive poo.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). You wouldn't do that, would you? No. Yeah. And that's fantastic for those young ages. It is a little less absorbency around the front there than say your angel wing because a lot of the absorbency is here. But if your issue is not absorbent, you can either add a little booster there, between the pre-fold and the cover, or, if they're not peeing a lot yet, but they are doing big, explosive poos, this might be the right fold for you. So, like with all pre-folds, we will put on our PUL gusseted covers and yeah, yeah. And that's the great thing about two-step systems is their bomb proof. Poo has to get past the pre-fold and then it has to get past these really ... make sure you have everything tucked in. Has to get through nice leg seal there with the double gussets. And the double gussets create a really ... yeah ... great leg seal, to keep all the poop in. And then we pick him up, double check we're all tucked in at the back and then we're done. 

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