Prefold cloth nappies: Padfold Video

Today we're talking Cotton Prefolds, specifically the padfold. The padfold is a great way to extend the use of your prefolds when they no longer fit around bub or just a cheap way to boost your Candies stash. The prefolds Jenna prepped to use for Archer were a little small (oops!) but that's ok because this is where the padfold shines.


Transcription: Prefold cloth nappies: Padfold

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubble Bubs. And today we're talking pre-folds. I've got here our organic cotton pre-folds, this is the infant size. And this is Archer. He's just shy of eight kilos and they are a little tight around him 'cause he's big for his not even five months. Yeah. Chunker. And I'm just going to show you the easiest thing to do with a pre-fold, and this is often great once they are a little too narrow for them around to do an angel wing or a bikini twist or any of that jazz. You can use them, you all right there? You can use them pad folded inside your candy shells, or inside your other covers and you have an extra insert. So it's a cheap way to boost your stash, especially at this age when you can reuse your shells easily.

So given he is a boy, I'm just going to fold that extra down at the front there because with boys we want all of our absorbency around the front, don't we? Yeah. I like your dinosaur tights. And then just put that up, exactly like you're using a normal tri-fold. You just pull that up and then you pull this over. Yeah, yeah. And he tries to roll over and makes your life difficult. That's easy. Yeah. My little boy is two, and he's on the same snap. Yeah, yeah. Making life as hard as possible, darling. There you go. And then just go around, make sure your all tucked in there. It's always a good idea to run your finger around. It's hard to see 'cause he's wearing tights obviously, but you want to make sure that that's nice and in that groin line where your underwear sits. Make sure everything's tucked in. Pick him up and give him a little cuddle. And just check you're all good at the back. And that is a really cheap way to boost your candy stash and to get extra uses out of your shells.

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