Washing cloth nappies part 2: Doing your washing

Part two in our washing series we wanted to give you a visual of what washing your nappies really looks like. Sometimes seeing all the steps and information about washing your cloth nappies written down can feel a bit overwhelming so we thought a video might help explain it better. So here you go! This is just one mother, her wash set up and how she washes. This doesn't need to be how you do it but just to give you an example.


Transcription: Washing cloth nappies part 2: Doing your washing

Hi. I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs, and today we will talk about washing. I will run you through the actual process of washing your nappies, 'cause it can sound intimidating on paper, but it's really not, and if we get a visual, you'll see that, you know what? The machine does all the work for you.

Let's pretend we've just a changed nappy. I've got a nappy here in our little tub, and if it's a poo nappy, we must rinse the poo off and remove it, however we do that, and if it's a pee nappy, you make sure you take it apart, pop it in your dry pail, and it's ready to go for that night when you do your laundry.

Now we're ready to actually wash our nappies. First, we will do a pre-wash, and we're just going to get all of our nappies that have been put in the dry pail, and put them in the washing machine. I've got a slightly too big a load, because my son decided to poo one million times over the last few days.

We've got all our nappies in and we're ready to start our pre-wash, so don't forget your detergent. Pour that in. I use Omo and use half a cap. Now we're going to actually turn the machine on. We've got everything in there, turn it on for your pre-wash. Use whatever settings you've already worked out, and for me, I use cottons, 40 degrees, and a quick wash. I just set it to start and let it go, and then I walk away, because the machine does all the washing for me.

Our nappies have been through the pre-wash, they're still sitting in the machine. All we will do is come over and put on the cycles for our main wash, which for me, are cottons, on 40 degrees, and I turn off the quick wash cycle. See, this one's a lot longer now? It's two hours long. I put in more detergent for the main wash. I use one and a half caps for my main wash. That's OMO, that I'm using. Close that off, start the machine, and again, it does it all for you.

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