What is the difference between PUL and Minky?

What's The Difference Between Pul And Minky Cloth Nappies.

Transcription: What's The Difference Between Pul And Minky Cloth Nappies.

Hi, I'm Vicky from Bubblebubs. And today I want to show you the difference between PUL and minky. It is a super common question. Look, the big difference is fashion. There is no functionality difference. 

What both of these, if you think of them as, you know, a flat fabric. And the PUL is glued onto the material on the inside. So if you, polyurethane laminate is kind of like a contact. So if you think of it, laminate it onto the fabric. 

So it is just fashion. So, you know, if you see something in a particular colour or a specific print that you like it doesn't matter whether it's PUL or Minky. Minky is of course very casual. 

It's so super soft, so it has the tiniest little pile-lets. About a 2-millimetre pile. So you can see if I'm rubbing it against the pile, you might be able actually to see it. Whereas PUL is a smooth fabric, so, they tend to make a lot of toys. You know, like those cuddle toys and things like that out of Minky. And so if you're trying to visualise it; so all baby blankets. And PUL is kind of, I suppose, like a tee shirt kind of fabric where it's quite flat. 

But you probably see the two of them together. And you can see that the green one here is flat pile and white one is a fluffy pile. So that's the difference. Neither is hotter or colder than the other. If anything, the PUL, all of you can see, it may sit the tiniest, the little bit, trimmer on a baby than the Minky; because it doesn't have the pile. 

But they're the same; they're made on the same pattern. The same factory. Yep, and work the same.

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