Why are my new inserts bigger?

Got some new nappies you've recently added to your modern cloth nappy stash and noticed the inserts are bigger than your older nappies? It's completely normal! Vicki compares an unwashed trifold and one that has had one wash. For the first few washes, the fibres in modern cloth nappies knit together and become more absorbent - resulting in a small amount of shrinkage.

Transcription: Why are my new inserts bigger?

- Hi everyone. It's Vicki from Bubblebubs here. Just wanted to show you our trifold. So when you're receiving your nappies, the trifolds are actually all unwashed. So what happens when you do wash the trifolds is there is an expectation that they'll shrink. So this particular one that I've got here has shrunk. It will shrink most in its first wash but it will continue to shrink as the fibres knit together and become more absorbent. So if you happen to have some old nappies and then you get new nappies and you find that, "oh my gosh, "all the trifolds are a lot bigger" That's the reason why. Give them a couple washes and you won't be able to tell the difference after a little while. See ya!

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