Nappy Types

All in One Nappies

You can use an AIO (All-in-One), like the Bubblebubs Pebbles if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need “putting together”. These newborn nappies have a Velcro closure, which is perfect if you’re just trying to get the hang of things. The Velcro tabs have an overlap at the waist so that they can fit even the smallest of tiny humans. The leg elastics are sure to contain any poonami's, as is the bamboo-lined shell. The attached booster can be folded in multiple ways to suit your boy or girl and where they need the absorption most.


All in Two Nappies

All-In-Twos are also a Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN). Shaped like an all-in-one this nappy type is also simple and quick to take on and off as the waterproof and absorbent layers are constructed as one piece. However unlike an all-in-one an all-in-two system allows the absorbent layers to be removed from the nappy. This enables you to swap absorbent inserts mid nappy change or use the waterproof shell of your nappy with additional insert sets whilst the original insert sets are drying. This is a great choice of nappy if you’re planning on having more than one child as you can purchase additional insert sets for subsequent children rather than purchasing an entire nappy. Many new nappies are coming on to the market are designed to be used with absorbent inserts made of cotton, bamboo or hemp or compostable / disposable absorbent pads. Many manufactures are calling these hybrid nappies. They are designed to have multiple inserts taken in and out of a single waterproof shell and multiple uses.

Fitted Nappies

A fitted nappy is a nappy that is absorbent all over and shaped to fit bub. The Bubblebubs Bambams are a fitted nappy made of soft bamboo towelling which wraps around your baby’s bottom and fastens at the front with a Snappi (no need for dangerous pins!). The Bambams have a removable insert which is folded and sits inside the fitted nappy for absorbency. These are great if drying time is an issue as the nappy comes in two parts for quick drying. These nappies will require a waterproof cover as they are not an AiO like the Pebbles. Those two separate parts mean that Bambams are a little bit more work to put on but they are your absolutely bombproof option for all newborn explosions.

Traditional Flat Nappies

The traditional flat nappy is still loved by many parents for its versatility. Made of bamboo, muslin or terry cotton a flat nappy can be folded in a variety of ways to fit your baby no matter how big or small they are. They are secured with a nappy fastener and covered with a waterproof cover. Flat nappies are the quickest drying option available and the most affordable and versatile nappy system. Full time cloth nappy users will find it extremely handy have a collection of flats in their stash.

Traditional Prefold Nappies

Prefolds are a modern variation of a flat nappy. A prefold can be made of bamboo or cotton and consists of two main layers with three or four extra layers sewn through the centre panel for added absorbency. Despite the name ‘prefold’ the nappy still requires some basic folding but not to the same extent as a flat nappy. It can be fastened with a nappy fastener or laid directly into a well fitting cover. Pre-folds are a trim bulk free option for newborns, dry reasonably quickly and can be used as additional boosting for pocket nappies, flats or night nappies when your baby has outgrown them.


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