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Bamboo Birdseye Flat | Unbleached

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Birdseye bamboo flat nappies

Birdseye fabric is a diamond textured, woven fabric. Being made from bamboo and organic cotton, these nappies are beautifully soft and silky to the touch, which makes them perfect for going right next to your precious little ones skin. You can choose to fold these nappies as you would old fashioned flat nappies or have a play around as there are many different ways to fold and fasten with a snappi or nappy pins. Alternatively, you can pad fold, into a rectangle and place directly into a nappy cover and fastening it around your baby, simple and quick. You can even use it as a booster for your nappy.

100s of uses

Not convinced that you need birdseye bamboo nappies and that they are THE essential item of baby equipment? Here’s a few ideas that you can use them for (but the list is endless).

  • Burp cloths
  • Wipe up cloths
  • Under babies’ heads in bed
  • Kick mats for nappy off time
  • Shade screens for keeping sun off your little one
  • Wrapping tiny newborns
  • Baby towels after bath time
  • Playing peek a boo
  • Even if you haven’t got a baby they’re great for cleaning up, polishing windows or even a posh tea towel
  • They’re even big enough to use to swaddle your baby
  • And of course, as a nappy