Bubblebubs goes to the beach

Bubblebubs goes to the beach

Need a swim nappy? No problem for reusable nappies! Simply take the absorbent trifold and booster out of your Candie shell and pop it back on. With the inserts taken out, you may need to adjust your usual tummy and leg snaps and it will be a bit saggier than usual. If you pull the shell up a bit higher and fold the excess fabric into the elastic around the tummy it will make it a bit trimmer. (Want a trim-fitting dedicated swim nappy? Check out our new swim nappies, the Droplets range.

Now it’s time to dry off. There are a few things you can use as a towel. A changemat is the perfect size to wrap around little ones and the bamboo velour dries them off beautifully. It doesn’t matter if the change mat is PUL or minky, because the back on both of them is the same soft bamboo velour fabric. Muslin, flannel or terry flats also work great for use as a towel. Keeping a couple in the car is fantastic for all sorts of emergencies too!

All kids need to discover treasure at the beach and if you are missing your trusty beach bucket, a mini wet bag can improvise. They are a great size for storing a few shells in. Once the treasure has been returned to the sea, turn it inside out, give a shake and pop in the wash with the nappies.

As your memory making impromptu beach trip comes to a close, wrap all the wet things in the change mat and put inside a standard sized wet bag. As Bubblebubs wet bags are double-pocket, the front pocket is great to store dry clothes and the larger one for all the damp, sandy beach clothes.

If your beach trip is a little less impromptu or you find yourself at the beach often, having some talc-free baby powder is amazing for removing sand from skin. A game changer when trying to dry and clean a baby when putting on a new nappy! And don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and a shirt for you and your little ones. Have fun and enjoy some magical moments by the sea!

Toddler walking along the beach in Australia wearing a modern cloth all in two nappy.


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