How many nappies will I need? - backup

Confused about how many cloth nappies you will need? This guide should help.


Newborns go through a lot of nappies, around 12 a day for the first 8 weeks in fact, I'm not even joking. Don't panic too much though because as they get older their output increases but the frequency decreases thank goodness! So with that in mind, to use modern cloth nappies full time you'll need:

  • For a newborn you will need 24-30 nappies
  • For a young  infant around 4mths you'll need 18-20 nappies
  • For an older infant around 8mths you'll need 14-16 nappies
  • For a young toddler around 12mths you'll need 12-14 nappies
  • For an older toddler over 18mths you'll need 10-12 nappies

This assumes you're going to be washing every 2nd day. If you wash more often then you won't need as many, if you wash less often you'll need more but this is an average guide.

Other things to take into consideration:


Drying Time:  If you live in a colder climate or somewhere that gets a lot of rain your nappies will take longer to dry so you may want a few extra's as backup or as I tell everyone, a few prefolds or flats in your stash!

Using Cloth Part Time: If you are going to use disposables while out and about or at night time then you can drop these qty's down by half. Don't forget whilst using modern cloth nappies is super easy it doesn't have to be all or nothing you can use cloth just while you're at home if you want to or even just use a couple a day if that's what suits your lifestyle.

Wanting to use on subsequent children: Cloth nappies are re-usable not indestructible meaning they have a finite lifespan. If you're wanting to use the same nappies on your 2nd, 3rd or 4th child then the number of nappies you have in your stash will play a big part in their condition at the end of 2-3yrs of use.

We have lots of packs available on the website that suit all sorts of situations, if you can't find one to suit just email us and ask us to make one up just for you.


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