Newborns and Bambams and prefolds, oh my!

When it comes to newborn cloth nappy options, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all too confusing and, as much as your heart might be set on going “eco”, you’re also a new parent and babies = hard. Well, never fear intrepid cloth-curious family, we got you. The Bubblebubs range has a stack of newborn options to suit any teeny tooshie- you can find out more about Pebbles, and if you’re interested in traditional flats and covers you can see how they work for a newborn here. But for now, let’s talk Bambams and prefolds, what in the heck they are, and why they might work best for you!

Bubblebubs Bambams


The Bambam is our award-winning newborn nappy. It’s similar to a traditional flat in that the whole nappy is absorbent so, it will need a cover. The difference is that the nappy itself is shaped to fit around baby’s bum, including leg elastics, so there’s no complicated folding, which can be a real deal-breaker for some families. Even better, sharp pins are a thing of the past. So securing the nappy is much easier now that you can just Snappi it on with teeth that grip the terry cloth and hold it in place. Simple! The Bambams are guaranteed to fit every newborn no matter their size; from a 1.2kg premmie munchkin to, well, a weight I’d rather not think about delivering. Let’s just say they will fit up to about 8kgs so however chunky your new bub is, they’re sure to be snug as a bug in our high-quality bamboo terry cloth. The soft elastics on the legs means they’re gentle on that delicate skin, but also that they’re made to hold in any “poonamis” you might encounter. The cover also provides a second layer of defence against any rogue lava - great for peace of mind and fewer outfit changes throughout the day - because ain’t nobody got time for that. Fitting up to 8 kilos is obviously #goals when buying newborn cloth because you know it will last that bit longer and you’re going to get your money’s worth before you have to move on to your infant nappy of choice. To get longer out of the nappy once your baby hydrant starts turning up the pressure, you can boost the Bambam between the nappy and the cover with practically anything absorbent you have on hand, face washers, tea towels, or any inserts you’ve collected in building your stash. Check out a video of how to fit and boost a Bambam here.


If you’re unsure what a prefold is, worry not imma break it down for you. It’s simply a square or rectangle of cloth which has extra layers sewn down the middle, meaning it’s “pre-folded” for you and you don’t need to do anything fancy to get layers of absorbency in the centre of the nappy where you need them most. Our Bubblebubs bamboo prefolds have 2% Spandex in them so differ to normal terry cloth as they have a little stretch to create a soft seal around baby's legs, similar to the Bambams. This style of nappy will also need a cover as the whole prefold is absorbent. Again, out-wetting before outgrowing is more than likely so layers can be added in the same way as the Bambams by popping extra boosters in between the prefold and the cover. The main difference between prefolds and Bambams is the way they are put on bubs. Prefolds can be customised with different folds to suit boy, girl, chunky, or chicken and fastened with a Snappi. They can also be pad folded and simply placed in the cover for a really quick change - this will of course not give the same leg seal, but this isn't a big issue for our families because the double gusset covers protect against any leaks. Pad folding is great for anyone who isn't very confident using cloth nappies because you just plonk it in the cover and fasten the velcro! The advantage of having a few prefolds in your stash, regardless of which newborn cloth you choose, is that you can use them later to boost nappies for nighttime, as this mum loves with her Bamboo Delights. Placing them between either a Bambam, flat nappy, Bamboo Delight, or even a larger sized cotton prefold, and a cover gives a great amount of absorbency and will take most babies through the night without leaking.

Whilst the world of cloth can be super confusing. If you’re determined to cloth from newborn, there’s a wide range of Bubblebubs products to suit your confidence level and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need more information, or for fit assistance, once your brand new fluff-mail arrives!


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