#087 Red Marks and Nappy Rash

Red marks and nappy rash. If you are worried about them, here are some tips and things to look for and what to do if you get red marks or nappy rash. We also talk about nappy creams and Vashti's favourite doughnuts.





Transcription: Red Marks and Nappy Rash

Andrew: How you doing Vashti?

Vashti: I'm good, Andrew. How are you?

Andrew: Okay. It's been

Vashti: a while.

Andrew: Yeah, it has been a while. It's been a while. It's been. I don't know.

long. way

Vashti: long.

Andrew: it's way too long.

Vashti: No, that's not true. I'm always out here picking up orders and stuff like that.

Andrew: True. that's true. Yeah,

it does help when there's a warehouse full of nappies. Really close to a baby

shop, isn't it? Yeah.

Vashti: And the kids like it when I come and visit, cuz I always bring them donuts.

Andrew: Yes. You normally do.

No donuts today.

That's okay. The kids aren't here. They're at school

Vashti: Yes, exactly. So see that's why I wasn't coming when the kids were gonna be here.

Andrew: Oh, I like the donuts though.

Come on.

Vashti: Yeah. But like a big box of donuts for just you and me, not so great. I'd get through 'em, and then the kids would see the empty packet and they'd have a go at me.

Andrew: It's a tough

job, but somebody's gonna do it.

Cause you always bring the crispy creams. Oh yeah. Like I never got the crispy cream thing.

Didn't understand, it's just a donut. Yeah. He

Vashti: But even they're playing their cinnamon glaze like, or they're lazed, not cinnamon. They're just plain glazed donuts. They are really nice.

Andrew: I am committed. now. Yeah. I am committed.

Vashti: So I I do like a good,

Andrew: not happy

Vashti: See, this is why I have a gym membership, although I haven't been going lately. I need to get back into it.

Andrew: I have a gym membership. Yeah. Yeah. Because every time I walk into a shopping center and they go, oh, do you want a gym membership? I'll go, no, I've already got one of those I don't use.

Vashti: Oh, there you go.

I'm being really slack lately.

I just think, like I just haven't had the energy at the end of the day. And I need to get myself back into the habit. habit. I think I

got outta the habit with the cold weather you

Andrew: You were quite committed too,

because I remember like I'd ring you up at nine o'clock at night to have a chat about something and you say to me, I'm in the car park trying to work up the nerve to go into the gym.

And I go, okay, bye.

Vashti: No, I was, look, honestly, for a good several months I was every night without fail. After the kids went to bed, I was down at the gym. I'd do a good hour to an hour and a half down there. And I was getting really good at it. And then we had, a really cold snap come through and I.

Like I just, it's too cold at 8 30, 9 o'clock at night,

Andrew: Fair enough. So it's not heated.

Vashti: It is, but it's that

Andrew: my

Vashti: whole


outta my house into my car.

Andrew: park closer.

Vashti: .Yeah. Look, my gym is actually close enough that I could walk, but I'd have to walk through. like forested area, like one of the roads

Andrew: have to trek.

Vashti: Yeah. And it's, and at night on my own, it's not nice

Andrew: Would You, count that as your cardio though?

I would ,

Vashti: I would, I

Andrew: I.

Vashti: If it was, if

once the weather starts warming up a little bit more, I will be back down there and, if I can get down a little bit earlier, then it'll still be light and I'll feel comfortable walking along the forest. Section

Andrew: by yourself?

Vashti: Yeah.

I need to find a gym buddy though. I really do. Okay. Yeah. If I've got a gym buddy, then they actually, they make you feel guilty if you don't go because there's someone else relying on you.

Andrew: You Yeah.

You see the thing with the gym buddy is they'll either be supportive when you go or they'll give you an excuse not to go because they don't wanna go.

Vashti: Yeah. That's true.

Andrew: It's it's like,

it'd be like hurting cats. Yeah.

Does he

Vashti: be my gym buddy? Come on

Andrew: contact vashti but of course you gotta. Brisbane preferably south side.

Vashti: Yep. South side. Inner South side.

Andrew: That's it. And you can't bring your baby.

Vashti: No. Baby free zone

Andrew: Baby. Free zone. I thought today we'd talk about red marks and I'm actually also gonna encompass, nappy rash, okay. In this as well. So here's the first one for you.

[00:04:15] What is the number one cause of red marks

Andrew: What's the number one cause of red marks?

Vashti: Number of things cause red marks, but I think probably the biggest thing that we are seeing is either the nappy too tight, because you're trying to stop leaks and you think that it's gotta be really super tight or too loose if you put a nappy on too loose. It's going to rub and that's gonna cause red marks. So

Andrew: also gonna cause broken skin

Vashti: The friction burns from a loose nappy are really nasty cuz they will break the skin and they'll cause irritation and when you've got broken skin near urine and feces, then that's gonna get infected and it's gonna get really nasty.

Andrew: More yeah. Cause sometimes like your baby's. You can't work out what the problem is. The nappys not wet, but it could still be the nappy.

Vashti: Yeah, definitely. Look, we've had it ourselves. I like, take the nappy off and your little one is happy as Larry, but they're screaming while the nappy is on. And it could have just been that you put it on just slightly like too tight at that time because you're trying to get it on really quickly.

Or, there could also be that when you put it. The skin folded slightly differently in one section and it was just irritating. Definitely a nappy that's too tight or too loose can cause skin irritation, and cause, red marks. I think probably the biggest thing though is don't be concerned about red marks like red.

Aren't a bad thing. We get red marks from wearing snug fitting clothing. Like you put a pair of socks on, like when you take 'em off at the end of the day, there is a red mark where the socks have been. Even if you've only worn 'em for a couple of hours, you can still see those indentations from where.

The sock was, and nappies will do that too. Even your disposable nappies can leave marks on your little one's. Skin. Baby's skin is really fragile, really soft. And it's brand new, it's tender, it's still building up it's ability to cope with the elements. So it will mark a lot quicker than our skin will mark.

What you wanna be concerned about? is, those raised and wiled red, angry marks, or where the skin's broken or, marks that don't go away by the next nappy change. That's what you wanna be concerned about with red marks.

[00:06:37] Do you put cream on it?

Andrew: So, with red marks, do you put a cream on it?

Vashti: that you definitely can put creams on 'em?

Andrew: You gotta be careful if the skin's broken. then

Vashti: Yeah. So you do wanna be really cautious if your skin is broken, because some creams some nappy creams can irritate broken skin. I know like the bubblebubs, botty balm, I love that. I scratched my cheek. I've squeezed a little bit too hard at something

And it's on my cheekbone, just off my eye and it's but it was being really nasty and annoying me. I got some bubblebubs botty balm and put that on it and. Didn't even notice it for the rest of the day. So because it's the bubblebubs body bomb is high in calendula and hemp seed oil, which are really soothing and calming.

So balms like that or creams like that can actually be beneficial for broken or irritated skin.

Andrew: And we make that ourselves too. We don't we don't import that made or anything like that. No. We actually make

Vashti: that so you know exactly

Andrew: what's in it. So we, yeah, we know what's in it all the ingredients. We've All the ingredients. We've checked all the ingredients and yeah.

Vashti: and it's generally made to order as well.

So it's all fresh batch stuff.

Andrew: Yeah that's why the. The fragrance has changed so much. Yeah. It's basically, it's oh, we haven't done this fragrance for a while type thing. So yeah, so the fragrance has changed a lot. I did get we ran a hundred mil body bomb and I was just making fifties because I thought people just wanted fifties.

So I dropped the hundreds, and I got phone calls,

Vashti: Oh really?

Andrew: That's right. I got phone calls.

Vashti: Well, One of the mums at my school, her son is in Kyland's class and he gets really bad eczema and she'd been through a whole heap of creams and everything like that. And his skin was just it. Absolutely, like huge scabby saws all up and down his arms. Like he was having to wear bandages on his legs to stop him scratching and mittens at night so he wouldn't scratch in his sleep.

And I gave her a tin of the Bubblebubs botty balm. And I said, here, try this. Because I have heard that it's really good for eczema. And she used it and she's oh my gosh, this is amazing. We have used everything on and off the market and this is the only thing that has actually had an impact and , this little boy's skin was so bad and within a few days he had next to no marks on his skin.

He'd stopped scratching in his sleep and stuff like that. She ran out of it recently and she's Hey, have you got any more of that cream? I said yeah, I can bring it in. But it's gonna be a couple of days until I see you because of both of our work schedules and stuff. And she goes, no, we've run out.

Have you seen Alex's skin? It's just horrendous . And, but he came up to me yesterday, like I got it to the other mum a few days ago and he came up to me yesterday. He's like, Vashti thank you so much for that cream. And I'm like, that's okay mate. You know how's your skin feeling? And he goes, it's not itchy

Andrew: Wow.

Vashti: Yes, it's marketed as a bottom Balm and medically we can't say it fixes eczema,

Andrew: No, that's right. Because it's difficult to market. Yeah. Because like we get so much positive feedback on the stuff, but most of the time it's not, I can't mention it because

Vashti: it's not a medicinal thing, and

Andrew: it hasn't been through,

it may not work for everybody.

And actually I've also gotta watch too, because Google don't like like medical thing. Google don't like 'em. So I've gotta watch what I put on there because otherwise we'll get marked down. Yeah. If if we have too much stuff on there. But yeah, it's, everybody says how wonderful it is, but it's just, Can't, I can't market it.

Vashti: So yes. So we're not saying that it's good for eczema, but it is good for eczema, And look, in my house I use it for cuts and stings and bites and scratches. In summer we, because we back onto forests, we get lots of green ants and bullets ants in our yard and things like that. And if the kids get bitten by one, they come in straight away and they get the cream, mausi bites when they're out in the summer, evening air when you're still playing outside, cuz it's still nice weather.

But like the mosies are out and they get bitten by mozzies. They get the cream and they rub it on the masie bite and it's gone by the next day. They, it doesn't irritate them in any way. I love my botty balm. I it as a lip balm as well.

Andrew: Arabella and a still use it. Yep. I paint, I have to, they take one outta stock. Oh. Somebody. Pay for that before I take those stuff. But yeah, they still want that. And I, gotta bring one home. They'll say Go bring one home, and I'll just, whichever one. And we also do a fragrance free one Yeah.

Too, which I never thought of doing until you suggested that.

Vashti: No, the fragrance free is quite popular and

Andrew: Oh my gosh. It's rushing off the shelf. I had no idea.

Vashti: Yeah. So yeah, so definitely be aware of what creams or bombs you're putting on broken skin. So just make sure that the ingredients in. Maybe do a little test site first. If you've got a little scratch or something, test how the cream reacts with your broken skin before you go putting baby's broken

Andrew: Yeah, a friend of ours I can't remember her name now, but we gave her some body bar and she she got back to me and says, oh my gosh, it's fantastic.

It's like she had a, I had a, he had a red mark. I put this on it, it was gone by the next nappy change. Yeah. So that's the thing with red marks too. Like you put a cream on it, it's gone by the next nappy change. It's not something you gotta worry

Vashti: No, definitely not.

Andrew: But if it's still there at the next nappy change.

Yeah. You might have to go see a doctor. I

Vashti: let's, the other thing is that, fungal infections are a huge cause of red marks on your baby's bottom or genital area.

Generally they're over the entire. Area, but they can be confined to the leg creases or where the nappy is sitting and stuff like that. So it can make you think that it's the nappy doing it. A fungal infection can be quite difficult to diagnose. We always recommend, like if your baby does have an ongoing rash of any description, definitely go and see your gp book in, make sure it's not a fungal infection.

I am aware that some gps will sit there and say, oh, Nappy rash because you're using cloth nappies. No, that's not actually right. . It's appropriately because a lot of them are misinformed. But cloth nappies are a lot more breathable than disposable nappies. And do you know, like nappy rash creams weren't a thing until disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies came out and lots of babies were getting nappy rash. And so these disposable nappy companies


brought out nappy creams. To combat that. And the way a nappy cream works, or, most nappy creams and back then that a lot of them were zinc based is that actually, created a barrier between your baby's skin and the nappy.

So the chemicals in the disposable nappy weren't touching your baby's skin. Now, nappy, disposable nappies will also draw a lot of the natural oils out of your baby's skin. So if you're making the switch from disposables to cloth,

Andrew: cause it's a moisture

sucking, yeah. Yeah.

Vashti: But

if you're making that switch from disposables to cloth and you notice that your baby's all of a sudden getting rashes or redness where the cloth nappy is it could be that your baby's skin is just rebalancing and getting all those natural oils back, and sometimes it does take, a.

A few days to a couple of weeks as you're finding that your baby is having red marks exactly where the inner of the nappy. So you know if the red mark is completely where the nappy would sit. Have a look at the materials that you're using in your nappies. Some babies react to synthetic fibers, so if your nappy is completely lined with a.

Sway cloth or some sort of synthetic moisture wicking material. It could be that, they're having a reaction to that synthetic fiber, so you might wanna look at more natural fiber. Kylin, whenever he was teething, we couldn't use any synthetic fibers against his bum. So I always had to switch whenever he was getting a new teeth.

Come, tooth comes through switch to more natural fibers. And the reason for that is there is a chemical change in your baby when they're teething. So I always found with my kids that they, your got a lot more acidic, whatever they were teething. So you know, it's just that chemical reaction between the urine and the materials.

Some babies don't like feeling wet, so having a more stage dry layer against their skin can help as well. Have that stage dry layer there. And it'll draw the moisture away into the absorbency inside, depending on what your absorbency is. So you know, it can be a little bit of play if you're finding that your little one has a red bum.

Don't give up altogether just because your baby's got a red.

[00:14:52] Caused by elastic?

Andrew: Cool. Back to red. Back to red marks. Yeah. Caused by elastic. I've got a little note here. What's the type of elastic the nappy is using to just use, choose a soft

Elastic if you can. Yeah,

Vashti: Yeah, look, naps with rolled elastics can be a little bit softer or having a softer frill around the edge, like with the bamboo lights.

They have a lovely frill around them.

Andrew: Yeah, it just

spreads the load.

Vashti: It, does, it spreads the load. Some. , some nappies have quite like with some of your pul nappies, I have noticed that some of them are a much tighter elastic, or the pul is a much thicker, firmer pul, so it can dig in a little bit more.

And so you've just gotta watch how you're putting the nappy on. Not putting the nappy up into the underline is a big thing. If you've got the elastic sitting down on the thigh a little. You're more likely to get red marks from your nap elastic than if it's sitting up in the underline.

[00:15:53] Clean the baby

Andrew: And this is an obvious one, but clean the baby.

Vashti: Definitely if your baby still has urine on the bum, then and they will, they'll have urine over the entire area. So use your wipes.

Andrew: It doesn't take long.

Vashti: gotta clean the entire area.

Andrew: Couple of squi.

Vashti: But also, the other thing with that is making sure that the area is dry before you put a new nappy on.

If you've. Dampness in the underline, and you go and put a new nappy on. Then think about how it is if you are going, if you are

Andrew: are

Vashti: like going camping or something like that, and your feet are constantly wet they're not drying out, so they do get red and manky, and that's gonna happen with your baby.

If they're constantly having a wet nap on and you're not drying the area between wash between uses, then it will get a little bit nasty.

Andrew: and of course, to the exact opposite of that, it could actually be also because by wipes

Vashti: It could be . So disposable wipes are filled with chemicals. A lot of them can be alcohol based.

They are tending to move away from that in a lot of 'em. A lot of families will use water wipes because they think they're more. But there is still preservatives in them. If you think about anything that you keep wet for long periods, you have to use a preservative of some description to stop it going moldy.

Babies could be having an allergic reaction to that. Michaela was allergic to disposable nappies and disposable wipes. The one time I used a disposable wife on Kyla's face, he broke out in a great big rash.

Andrew: Oh.

Vashti: I've used disposable wipes that were supposed to be the natural ones, and. It's the podcast that you can't see.

So I'm using inverted com or air quotes.

Andrew: Yeah, but you're only using one hand.

You're supposed to use Both hands. Both hands. There we go. That's better.

Vashti: See one was resting.

Andrew: the podcast you

Vashti: can't see. I need both . They were the natural ones. I was going away where I wasn't gonna was going camping. And so I bought some disposable wipes to keep myself clean and fresh and stuff like that, and bought the all natural ones.



used, I had some leftover and so I was wiping down the dash of my car with it when I got home. And I actually wiped the paint off the radio markings

Andrew: with these natural disposable wipes. I I remember Vicky used to use them to get text marks off the lounge

Vashti: chirs. Oh, they're great for cleaning. Sharpie off leather.

Absolutely fantastic. Check your wipes, it could be the wipes are causing the reaction. So moving to cloth wipes with just plain old water it's one less thing that you're introducing to your little one's skin.

[00:18:26] washing liquid?

Andrew: Yeah. And something we have mentioned a few times, but it's worth mentioning here again, it could be the washing liquid that you're using.

Vashti: Yeah, definitely and if you don't have a good wash routine, so like I'm a big fan of using the same. Washing detergent across the entire family. Lots of families, and I know I fell into this trap when with my first, like when Brith was a baby, I went out and bought special baby washing detergent and washed all his clothes in the baby washing detergent and everything like that because it was supposed to more natural and sensitive.

And then, I mine and Brent's clothes in the normal detergent. And then I'd pick my precious newborn up and put them against my clothes that had been washed in the car detergent And it was like, actually, what am I doing here? I'm a big fan of keeping the detergent the same across the family.

It's one less thing that you've gotta do. So because of those sorts of things,

Andrew: the the way that I choose which deter.

Is whichever one's on special.

Vashti: Yeah, lots of families do. I've recently just moved to an eco-friendly one where I bought the stainless steel pump bottle and I just buy the refills now.

I've been looking at it for ages and I was putting myself off because, it is more expensive. But it was on special. A few. Oh, a couple months ago now, cuz that bottles actually lasted me a decent amount of time. But it's actually really good cuz now I can say to the kids, Hey, go put a load of washing on.

And they say, how much detergent do I need? And I'm like, four pumps . Cause it's in a pump bottle and it's a stainless steel bottle. And then

Andrew: I don't have to do that.

my washing machines adds it


Vashti: Ah, see,

Andrew: fancy.

Vashti: We can't all be like,

[00:20:05] What the kid is eating?

Andrew: So this is probably gonna sound like a stupid question, but could it be what the kids are eating.

Vashti: Most

definitely. If you have a child who has a very high acidic diet, like lots of acidic fruits and stuff like that, you all, your citrus fruits, your pineapples if they've got a very processed diet as well because there's lots of chemicals in processed foods it does have an.

On their output so it can actually, change the chemical composition of their urine. I know when my kids went through stages where they were. All into pineapple or oranges and mandarins or if you know the, cuz we do shop a lot of what's in season. Through those citrus mans, the kids do eat a lot more citrus which isn't a bad thing for them, but, It can have an effect.

If they're on any antibiotics, it can have an effect on their output as well. Like they can have a really acidic poo that, they do a poo. If you don't get to it immediately, it can actually burn the skin. so it's, you do have a look at. It is going in. And that goes for a few breastfeeding too.

If your diet's high in processed foods or acidic foods, or if you are on any antibiotics, it can go through your breast milk into your baby's system. So if you're having lots of redness and or, rashes and stuff like that, have a look at the diet. There's lots of things to look for.

The nappies that you're using, the materials, the wipes, your diet, And the best thing is some nappy free time. That's, that should be your very first sort.

Check if you're getting lots of rushes is how much nappy free time are you having each day? Try and make sure that each day has some nappy free time.

One of the things, even if I was having one of those days where I didn't have the time to put my child down for nappy free time, or, I was. On the go all the time. I would try and take those few extra minutes, every nappy change to just sit there and have a bit of a play on the table. And, stay there with your baby, obviously.

Don't let, don't wander off and leave them play by themselves. It's frowned on leaving your baby on a nappy change table by themselves. But no, stay there and lay, have the nappy off and, have a play with them on the change table just for a few minutes. Sounds really bizarre, but I used to blow on my baby's bums.

, you're just a gentle blow. My kids loved it. They giggled their heads off their toes went up in the air, but it helped dry the skin out if it is damp. And just air it out as well. So

[00:22:40] Nappy free time

Andrew: Vicky used to do nappy free time in the Sandpit.

Vashti: Yeah.

Andrew: if they pooped or they peed

It's just it is just like cleaning up kitty litter

Vashti: yeah, but it gets into every crack.

Like you're definitely going for

Andrew: a Oh yeah. You're doing a lot of washing later, but, but they're happy there for hours though,

Vashti: but yeah, no, lots of nappy free time if you're getting rushes. That should be. Go to and that way you can determine whether or not it's an issue with your nappies. If the rash isn't going away after nappy free time, it's a pretty good chance.

It's fungal. So heading out to your GP and having them have a look at it is a good option.

So yeah, nappy free time, gp, and if you're still struggling and it's not fungal, see your retailer.

Andrew: So

didn't. Thanks, Vashti.

Vashti: Thanks Andrew. Bye everyone. Bye.

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