Bambams are a newborn fitted nappy

Bambams are a newborn fitted nappy that provide a custom fit to every newborn - in fact we guarantee it! Vicki gives a quick demonstration on how to put a Bambam on and adjust the fit to suit even the smallest of newborns. As Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy, they are fully absorbent (very handy for newborns who are often being held, sleeping or doing tummy time!), so require a cover that you can reuse throughout the day.


Transcription: Bambams are a newborn fitted nappy

- Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs and I wanted to give you a quick little demo of our Bambam. So our Bambam is a newborn-fitted nappy, so what that means is that the nappy and the cover is separate. So how they actually work is, put bubby in there and what we're going to do is, for smaller bubbies, you would actually fold down the front like that. And it fastens with a Snappi and so the advantage of that means that you're gonna get a really good fit every single time because it's a custom fit to bubby. It has elastic around the legs which means really good for containment because a whole nappy gets wet though, you do need a separate cover to go over it. So you just pop a cover over the top and you've got pretty much, a bullet-proof system. Great little newborn nappy.

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