Droplets size comparison

In today's video Vicki shows us her veteran, mum-of-three skills and manages to get not one but TWO swim nappies on Angus, a 10kg 13-month-old who is refusing to bend his legs. It's real life folks! She goes on to show us a great size comparison for the Droplets swimming nappies. The Small definitely fits nice and snug without extra fabric. The Medium will have more growing room. So your choice depends on if you're swimming a lot, a little, and your budget. Our swimming nappies are great because you can slide them on like underwear and then after swimming just pop the sides open and it comes off in seconds. With Droplets it's really important to get that nappy in the groin line to create a great leg seal.


Transcription: Droplets size comparison


Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs. Today I'm with Angus, and he's about 13 months old and about 10 kilos, so I wanted to show you the way that the small and the medium swim nappies are fitting on him. If I was to see him in person, I would suggest a medium because he's still got quite a few swimming lessons to go, but as you can see, the small swim nappy on him fits quite well. Once it's actually in the underpants line, you actually get quite a good seal. 

But what I'm going to do is we'll take this off. So, after swimming lessons, of course, your swimmers are all wet and what have you, so a side snap is perfect to be able to quickly get off. So this is our medium. Can I put the medium on you? Hey? 

So, you can put them on as a side snap or as underpants, whichever you prefer. Oh, 'cause you like to stand up. I bet you like to stand up at the pool too. Pop this leg in. Oh, and we're not going to bend our knee. Let's keep it real. Bend your knee, please. Please! Okay, we'll go this way. Here we go. Do you do that when you hop in the car seat? Do you go straight? Say, "Nope, I'm not going to bend my bum." 

Okay. So just pull them on like underpants. How much easier is it when you've got somebody to help you? But, of course, most of us don't. As you can see, the medium has got a bit more room around the tummy and this area here, but not quite as tight around the legs. So you can get away with either size, but I'd size up to the medium. 

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