How to use the Candie cloth nappy.

The Bubblebubs Candie is our nappy that gets the most positive comments and has won the most awards. In this short video, Vicki shows us the features that have made this cloth nappy one of the easiest to use.

Transcription: How to use the Candie cloth nappy.

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and I'd like to show you our all-in-two Candies. So, they're a one size nappy, so they're designed to fit birth to toddler. They come in three pieces, so we've got a waterproof shell, and our absorbent inner, and extra boosting for when bub is older. So, the trifold snaps into the Candie shell, like this, and folds into three. 

Also, so what we do is we give the rise a little bit of a stretch and make sure that the trifold sits inside the elastic. Okay, going to pop it on bubby. And we bring the trifold up, as such, and Hey. Do you want to hold the booster? What's that?  

Doing up at the side means that we can get a perfect fit on the legs and around the waist. So, little Brock is reasonably in proportion, but if you had a bub that has got chunky thighs and a skinny waist, or vice versa, you could snap the top, and the bottom snaps independent of each other. So, just going to pop this on like this. 

So, this extra booster is not needed at his age. You know, around the, anywhere from nine to, you know, 12, a 13-month mark we may need to add some extra boosting to the nappy. However, as you can see on a six-month-old baby, that's more than absorency. So, I'm going pick little Brock up so you can see how it looks at the back.

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