How to use your Bamboo Delights as a night nappy

In this video Vicki shows us how to convert your Bamboo Delight into a night nappy. This is a great system for night nappies because all parts are flexible and can be used in many ways. It is a system that grows with bub as well. To try out it out, we have a night nappy trial pack which is a great way to test if this is for you. Some people can be intimidated by using cloth nappies at night, I promise you it's not scary. It's simply about increasing absorption. To learn more about using modern cloth nappies at night check out or podcast or blog.

Transcription: How to use your Bamboo Delights as a night nappy

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs. Today, I'd like to show you how to convert a bamboo delight into a night nappy. Our bamboo delights come with a snap in trifold here. We generally do leave the trifold in the nappy. Pop this on bub and that way you got a lovely super trim nappy sitting on bub. 

Not forgetting that the hip snaps, you can snap independent of each other so you were going to make sure that you get a good fit around the legs and the waist. This is our night booster set. It does have snaps, which it can snap into the nappy if you prefer rather than using the booster that is in there. But, what I generally suggest is to fold your night booster into three and pop on the outside of the nappy. 

Then, you also get a lay in the booster with the set. We pop that on the nappy as well. I usually fold in half and put it at the front, seems to be where bub's weight, even if they're laying on their back. We pop it into the cover and pop the cover. As you can see, even without a baby in it, that's quite a substantial nappy. 

You're asking a nappy to get you through 12-14 hours, so you are going to have a little bit of bulk, which is fine. The ideal time to pop a night nappy on bub is just before they're about to go to sleep. What I used to find with our bubs is if you do their bath and then pop the night nappy on them, nine times out of ten they'll poop it before it's time for bed. 

We suggest, pop a little nappy on them until it's bedtime, then pop the night nappy. Then they do not have to run around in such a bulky nappy. And there you go!

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