Prefold cloth nappies: Customising the angel wing fold

Today we're talking Cotton Prefolds, specifically the angel wing fold. Now, we've talked about the angel wing fold before, but today we wanted to show you how you can customise your angel wing fold to get the best fit for your bub. You can fold at the front or back to create extra absorbency or a poo-catching pocket. The prefolds Jenna prepped to use for Archer were a little small (oops!) so she even shows you how to customise the front to compensate for that.


Transcription: Prefold cloth nappies: Customising the angel wing fold

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs, and today we're talking about pre-folds. I've got our cotton pre-folds here, and I've got our little volunteer, Archer, and his adorable dinosaur pants. Yeah, and we will talk about a few different folds for pre-folds.

Now, we've talked about the angel wing fold before, but the first thing I will show you will be how you can customise your angel wing fold to get the best fit. Yeah, yeah, to get the best fit. Hello, buddy. So you've got a few options with the angel wing fold. You can fold it down at the back, yeah, and put it under him. That helps you create a poo pocket, which is always lovely. Yeah, poo pocket. Yeah? Because at this age, we're still doing explosive poos. Then you fold it in three, bring it up around the front there, and you do it up with your snappy.

The other option is, and this mostly works for boys, which I've got here, is you do your angel wing fold, flare out the back like this. Oh, I'm sorry, buddy, I know. Do you need a toy? Do you want a toy? And you can fold it down the front and increase your absorbency at the front there. Then yeah, and then yeah, we put it on him like this, yeah. Yeah. Oh, you will make this as hard as humanly possible for me, aren't you? Yeah. And we bring this up, and this is just not big enough for him. He's a little big, there we go, to have that like that, so we will like this and then flare it out at the front, which is another great way to customise. 

This is why the angel wing fold is usually people's preference, because it's easy to customise. Absorbency, it's easy to customise making that little poo pocket, and it's easy to customise for size for bub if they're not quite fitting their pre-folds anymore. So like that, and you can even fold that down a little bit after you put the snappy on. 

Then with the pre-fold, you need a cover. So pre-folds are absorbent all the way around. So you need a waterproof cover over the top. These are our PUL gusseted covers. Yeah. And they go over the top. And the great thing about a two-part system like this is it's absolutely bombproof. You've got your pre-fold there catching the first wave. You've got this great leg seal here catching the second wave. Yeah? And then, it's always a good idea to lift bub up, lift bub up. That's the easiest way to just check you're all tucked in at the back there. Yeah. You say bye-bye. Bye-bye.

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