Put a Candie Cloth Nappy on a chunkey thigh baby.

Red marks are a common concern among parents. We're all worried about our bundles of joy but the truth is most red marks are ok, just like us when we take a bra or jeans off it's just the elastic leaving a mark, it doesn't hurt bub. However, some red marks are a cause for concern. If they are particularly deep, leaving welts or not going after about an hour then it's best to check your fit. In this video Vicki shows us how to avoid deep red marks by making sure the elastics of the nappy are sitting right in the underwear line on the baby. It is very easy, especially on baby's with large thighs to leave the elastics out to far which isn't good for bub's comfort or for containment in your nappy. Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade. She is the owner, creator and chief Nappy Nerd here at Bubblebubs.


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