Washing cloth nappies part 3: Night nappies

Night nappies are hard workers! They can often hold 12-13 hours worth of urine and so giving them a separate hand rinse can really help decrease the amount of urine in your wash and help prevent ammonia build up. It's as simple as rinsing them in hot water with a teaspoon of detergent, then rinse with clean water 1-2 times until the water looks clear after that wring out and hang over the edge of your dry pail.


Transcription: Washing cloth nappies part 3: Night nappies

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs, and today we will talk about rinsing night nappies. So a night nappie is anything that's been on for four or more hours.

 We need to give these a little extra hand rinse because they contain a lot of urine, and it's really concentrated, and it helps if it's done before you pre-wash, so you're not dealing with so much urine in the pre-wash.

I've got a night nappie here. So I'm just going to take the covers out because they're not absorbent so they need not be hand washed. 

We've got here a Bamboo delight. Going to throw this in here and I've got one of our night Tri-folds. That's what I use for a night nappie, and that gets my son through about 12 hours and he's just shy of two.

With our night nappie rinse, we will use about a teaspoon of detergent, and the hottest water your hands can handle, and we're just going to give it a quick rinse.

Okay, so we've got our tub full of soapy water now, so we'll just give it all a good bit of agitation with your hands ... squeeze things out and then we will rinse it with clean water. Two to three times, whatever you need to get clear water.

You'll be able to see after two rinses when the water's clear. Sometimes I like to leave my nappie soaking in the detergent water for five, ten minutes just to get a little extra soak. 

Any standing water is a drowning hazard so just make sure it's out of reach of any babies. So we're just going to rinse this with some plain water now.

Now we've filled it with warm plain water and the water is just a little cloudy, so what I will do is I will do one more rinse. I've found two rinses is good for me, in this amount of water and with my son's night nappie. You'll work out what's the right time for you.

Okay so I filled my second tub of warm water and now you can see the water is crystal clear in here, so we know that that's nice and clear. 

All I will do is ring my night nappies out and I will hang them on the edge of my dry pail and put them in the pre-wash when I do that tonight.

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