Cloth nappy FAQ #1

I thought I'd start the year off with an FAQ series. I'll answer some of the questions we get asked all the time here at Bubblebubs and the most frequent offenders on Facebook groups. These will be short answers to give you a little info and an overview of the subject and most will link to more in-depth articles if you want to learn more. 


How do you use cloth wipes?

Anyway you want! Some people like to store their reusable wipes wet which is great at change times but involves some organisation ahead of time and frequent refreshing so they don’t end up mouldy. Some people like to store them dry and wet on the go which is less upfront prep but harder with a squirmy baby. I have a friend who taught her toddler to go wet the wipe himself, which personally I think is genius!

You can also choose to use plain water or a little soap or a little olive oil or you can use our Foamy Wipes Wash. It is gentle on baby and helps clean up stubborn poos. And honestly nappy changes never smelt so good! Cloth wipes just get washed with your cloth nappies at the end of the day and help bulk up your loads. And as an added bonus you can spray some on bubs hands to keep them distracted. If you want to learn more about Foamy Wipes Wash check out this video.


What is the best cloth nappy?

There is no best cloth nappy! Sorry! But there will be a "best" cloth nappy for you and your family. The best thing to do is think about your criteria first. Is drying time going to be an issue? Are you on a really tight budget? Do you want your nappies to last through multiple kids? Is ease of use important in your care situation?

Work those out and you’ll work out the perfect nappy for you. Every nappy has it’s pros and cons and what’s best for one person isn’t best for all. You can find out more about picking your perfect nappy here in this blog.

Can I travel with reusable nappies?

Absolutely! You can definitely travel with cloth. Do you have to? Absolutely not! It all depends on if that’s important to you. Sometimes it might be helpful to take more durable nappies that can handle poor washing for some time and then you can “reset” them when you get home with some long, hot washes or a dilute bleach soak. If you’re going to stay with relatives or in a fully-equipped house it’s almost no different than being at home.

There are challenges of course and you have to decide if that’s worth it for you but if that’s your choice we have a plethora of information on the subject here.

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