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40% Off Store-Wide On Now (Does Not Include Packs, Bundles Or Already Discounted Items)

Bubblebubs Blog

  • Toddler-playing-at-an-Australian-beach-wearing-a-reusable-swim-nappy-with-mermaids-on-it

    New product alert - Droplets!

    In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, we have a new product! Droplets, our reusable swim nappies, that have been in development for 12 months are finally here and we are SO excited.
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  • Baby-laying-on-a-blanket-on-the-grass-wearing-a-modern-cloth-nappy

    Growing with Candies

    Here we have some side by side videos of Brock! This is how Vicki fits a Candie at 6 days, one month, 3 months and 6 months. <- Click these links to see detailed versions of each of these videos. You can see how the Candies grow with him and how you can get a great fit all the way along. Candies are an all-in-two one size fits most nappy, they are designed to fit your child all the way to toilet training.
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  • Bamboo Delights, the perfect night nappy

    Bamboo Delights, the perfect night nappy

    Night nappies seem to be a confusing topic in the cloth nappy world. Many steer clear of reusable nappies overnight, but the daunting task of holding wee for 12+ hours is one that many modern cloth nappies are more than capable of acing.
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  • Man-walking-with-baby-on-his-shoulders-wearing-a-cloth-nappy-in-New-Zealand

    Travelling with Cloth - Camp Sites

    Nothing about this is going to be "best case scenario" or "optimal washing" this post is all about making do! And making cloth nappies work for you in an awkward situation so you don't have to switch to single-use nappies
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  • The perfect nappy... for you

    The perfect nappy... for you

    People often ask what the best cloth nappy is. I’m sorry to say but there is no one perfect nappy. However, I promise you there is a perfect reusable nappy for you. And this blog is about working out which one that is.
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  • A-baby-reaching-into-a-pink-mini-wetbag-with-llamas-on-it

    Cloth nappies and the ripple effect

    Recently I asked some BubbleMums what change cloth nappies made in their lives. If there has been a ripple effect of reusable nappies making them considering other reusable options or making them aware of their general waste.
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  • Toddler-crawling-on-a-rock-wearing-a-yellow-reusable-cloth-nappy-in-Australia

    Cloth nappy FAQ #1

    Anyway you want! Some people like to store their reusable wipes wet which is great at change times but involves some organisation ahead of time and frequent refreshing so they don’t end up mouldy.
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  • Toddler-walking-around-wearing-a-pink-modern-cloth-nappy-in-Australia

    Cloth nappy FAQ #2

    The nappies that are that price are often referred to as "China Cheapies". The price difference mostly comes down to quality and the working conditions under which they’re produced. At Bubblebubs we make a premium product, it is high quality and we are very proud of it.
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