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  • Why are my new inserts bigger?

    Got some new nappies you've recently added to your modern cloth nappy stash and noticed the inserts are bigger than your older nappies? It's completely normal! Vicki compares an unwashed trifold and one that has had one wash. For the first few washes, the fibres in modern cloth nappies knit together and become more absorbent - resulting in a small amount of shrinkage.
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  • Washing cloth nappies part 4: Poo removal

    Not the most glamorous of subjects but let's face it parenting isn't very glamorous. People often get scared about dealing with poo, the first secret is that whether you use single-use nappies or reusable nappies you will have to deal with poo as a parent.
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  • Washing cloth nappies part 3: Night nappies

    Night nappies are hard workers! They can often hold 12-13 hours worth of urine and so giving them a separate hand rinse can really help decrease the amount of urine in your wash and help prevent ammonia build up. It's as simple as rinsing them in hot water with a teaspoon of detergent, then rinse with clean water 1-2 times until the water looks clear after that wring out and hang over the edge of your dry pail.
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  • Washing cloth nappies part 2: Doing your washing

    Part two in our washing series we wanted to give you a visual of what washing your nappies really looks like. Sometimes seeing all the steps and information about washing your cloth nappies written down can feel a bit overwhelming so we thought a video might help explain it better.

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  • Washing cloth nappies part 1: Choosing cycles

    Washing cloth nappies can be overwhelming and confusing when you first look into it. But it needn't be. It's just laundry.... really dirty laundry. So, apply the rules you would to normal dirty laundry: agitation, heat, and good detergent. These are the same key factors are what will get your nappies sparkling clean. The first thing you need to do before washing your nappies (even before baby comes if you're a planner) is to choose your wash cycles. This may take a little reading and playing around with your machine, but it's a one-off chore. And after that, you know what to do every time!
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